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RED Pif: Wines

We have no drink or wine list. We would love to help you choose a good wine personally to pair with food, for refreshment or just simply for pure enjoyment.

Choosing one of our hundreds of mostly natural wines is enough to confuse anyone.

We import wines from small but well-known winemakers we know personally and know that they make their wines with love and attention.

In no restaurant other than RED Pif will you find such a wide selection of wines grown and produced without terror pesticides but rather with terroir, without flavour enhancers but with flavour, love and no sulphites.

At RED Pif we offer only wines we tasted and re-tasted and that we chose personally. We can therefore offer them to your from the bottom of our hearts!

All wines you taste at our restaurant can be bought to take home as well for your own wine collection. You can either take them directly from the shop or purchase them through our shop.

WINE as Food

It is important to us that your wine compliment your food, that it balances it out, one without the other would not be complete somehow.

It is important to us that your natural wine be as important to you as your tasty, high-quality food.

It should be unique, personal. We hope you see wine as an everyday drink and not one to drink only on special occasions.