Duck Pâté - almonds, cranberries, baguette

145 CZK

Duck Foie Gras - Creme Brulée preparation, candied orange

195 CZK

Smoked tripe Sausage - Horseradish salad with apples, mustard, toasted bread

195 CZK

Marinated Shrimps - honey, ginger, parsley

245 CZK

Burgundy-style Snails, Escargots à la Bourguignonne - six snails, garlic herb butter, baguette

195 CZK

Parisian Tartare - Tartare Parisien, beef, capers, shallots, mayonnaise, mustard, parsley salad, homemade fries or dry toast

285 CZK


Roasted Almonds and Peanuts - coriander, chili

95 CZK

Potato Chips - spicy smoked cheddar sauce

145 CZK

Pickled Camembert - vegetables, marinated red onion, rosemary

185 CZK

Cheese Platter - Morbiére, Comte, Gruyére, Munster, Bleu d´Auvergne, homemade marmalade

275 CZK

Charcuterie Platter - Hungarian sausages, Iberian bacon, Nduja, pickled vegetables, toasted bread

285 CZK


Kulajda – Czech Dill Soup - farmer's egg, mushrooms, dill

145 CZK

French Onion Soup, Soupe à l'oignon - strong broth, onions, Gruyère cheese toast

155 CZK

main courses

Chicken Paprikash - celery roll filled with pepper ragout, baked tarhonya, sour cream

265 CZK

Grilled Halloumi Cheese - Provencal grilled vegetables, baked polenta

295 CZK

Fried Holland Schnitzel filled with - Gouda cheese, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad

295 CZK

Svíčková - beef round shoulder traditional creamy vegetable sauce, Carlsbad bun dumplings, marinated cranberries

325 CZK

Duck Leg - confited in cumin lard, braised red cabbage in wine, cinnamon, potato pancakes

365 CZK

Braised Veal Shoulder, Blanquette de veau - creamy sauce, leek, carrot, mushrooms, rice

375 CZK

Lamb Stew, Navarin D´Agneau - tomato sauce, young vegetables, potatoes, herbs

385 CZK

Game Goulash, Bourguignon de Sanglier - wild boar meat, red wine, root vegetables, parsnip puree

369 CZK

Rooster braised in red wine, Coq au Vin - root vegetables, onions, mushrooms, bacon, mashed potatoes

415 CZK

Roasted Sea bass Fillet - braised fennel, grenaille, tomato and olive salsa, garlic and herb, olive oil

395 CZK

Beef Burger - smoked cheddar mayonnaise, rosso lettuce, bacon, pickled red onion, tomato, fries

295 CZK

Confited beef Ribs - Honey sauce, chili salad, crackling pancakes

480 CZK

Rib Eye Steak rosemary butter, ratatouille

250g / 350g 565 CZK 650 CZK


Caesar Salad - chicken, bacon, garlic croutons

295 CZK

Salad with Roasted Red Beet and Fresh Goat Cheese - walnut kernels, mustard and lemon dressing

255 CZK


Chocolate Cake, raspberry sauce

155 CZK

Floating Island, Île flottante - whipped egg white, vanilla sauce, almond biscuit

165 CZK

Martin Havel's Bread Pudding - apples, cinnamon, raisins in rum, vanilla custard

190 CZK

Daily Offered Cake

165 CZK

Homemade Sorbet/Ice Cream according to the offer

55 CZK

side dishes

French baguette

35 CZK

Dry Toast

45 CZK

Homemade fries

65 CZK

Mashed potatoes

55 CZK

Carlsbad bun Dumpling

55 CZK

Homemade Potato Pancakes

55 CZK

Braised Red Cabbage with Cinnamon

65 CZK


55 CZK


55 CZK


95 CZK

Provencal Grilled Vegetables

95 CZK

Smoked Cheddar Mayonnaise

45 CZK

Homemade Marmalade

45 CZK

Information about allergens will be provided by the staff on request.